14-365.10. Sewerage system; rental or use charges; collection; lien; proceeds; disposition.

The mayor and city council of any metropolitan city, in addition to other sources of revenue available to the city, may by ordinance set up appropriate rental or use charges to be collected from users of any of its system of sanitary sewerage and provide methods of collection thereof; Provided, that users shall include in part any users outside of such city where the sewer is directly or indirectly connected to the sewerage system of such city and users within any sanitary and improvement district now existing or hereafter organized under the laws of this state when the sewerage system, or any part thereof, of the sanitary and improvement district directly or indirectly connects to any part of the sewerage system of the metropolitan city. The charges shall be charged to each property served by its sewerage system, shall be a lien upon the property served, and may be collected either from the owner or the person, firm, or corporation using the service. All money raised from the charges shall be used for maintenance or operation of the existing system, for payment of principal and interest on bonds issued, as is provided for in section 14-365.06, or to create a reserve fund for the payment of future maintenance, operation, or construction of a new sewer system for or additions to the sewerage system of the city. Any funds raised from this charge shall be placed in a separate fund and not be used for any other purpose or diverted to any other fund.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 24, § 10, p. 103; Laws 1959, c. 32, § 5, p. 188; Laws 1965, c. 38, § 2, p. 231.