14-365.09. Sewerage system and sewage disposal plants; service beyond corporate limits.

The owner of any sewerage system, including any storm sewer system, or sewage disposal plant provided for in sections 14-365.01 to 14-365.08, or the municipality, is hereby authorized to extend the same beyond the limits of the metropolitan city which it serves, under the same conditions, as nearly as may be, as within such corporate limits, and to charge to users of its services reasonable and fair rates consistent with those charged or which might be charged within such corporate limits and consistent with the expense of extending and maintaining the same for the users thereof outside such corporate limits at a fair return to the owner thereof. The mayor and city council of any metropolitan city shall have authority to enter into contracts with users of such sewerage system, including any storm sewer system; Provided, no contract shall call for furnishing of such service for a period in excess of ten years.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 24, ยง 9, p. 102.