14-361. Sewerage and drainage; connections; city may require; notice to property owners; construction by city; assessment of cost.

Whenever sewer connections for sewerage or drainage may be deemed necessary or advisable, whether within the corporate limits or within areas within three miles of such corporate limits, the property owners shall be given thirty days from the publication of the ordinance ordering such improvements and connections, to make the same in conformity with approved plans to be kept on file by the city. The publication of such ordinance ordering such connections in the official newspaper shall be the only notice required to be given such property owners. Upon the failure or neglect of the property owners to construct such connections within the time fixed, the city shall cause such work to be done and shall contract therefor with the lowest responsible bidder. The cost thereof, including superintendence and inspection, shall be assessed against the property to which such connections have been made in the same manner as special taxes are levied for other purposes.

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