Nebraska Revised Statute 14-3,119

Chapter 14


Improvements; petitions; examination; certification; notice of irregularity; publication; supplemental petitions.

Petitions for improvements shall be examined and certified for sufficiency as the city may provide. Certificates as to sufficiency when properly filed as provided by the city shall be prima facie evidence of the truth and correctness of the matter therein certified. If such certificates show the petition for any improvement to be irregular, illegal, or insufficient it shall be the duty of the city to give notice by publication for three successive days in the official newspaper of the city of such irregularity, illegality, or insufficiency and the property owners within such districts may at any time file supplemental petitions for such improvement and such supplemental petitions shall be considered and taken as a part of the original petition. Such supplemental petitions shall be examined and certified as in the case of the original petition.


  • Laws 1959, c. 36, § 36, p. 208.