Nebraska Revised Statute 14-3,113

Chapter 14


Intersections, certain lands; improvement by city; priority on use of funds; street improvement districts.

(1) A city is authorized to improve intersections, spaces opposite alleys, and spaces opposite property not subject to special assessment, with the like material in the manner provided in sections 14-384 to 14-3,127 for improving streets whenever a street, highway, boulevard, main thoroughfare, controlled-access facility, major traffic street, or alley is ordered to be improved at the time of improving such street and in such event is authorized to include in such improvement of such intersection and spaces the construction, replacement, or repair of sidewalks in such intersections and spaces and, except as may be otherwise provided, pay for all such improvements from funds provided for the purpose of improving intersections if (a) the first priority in the expenditure of funds for such purposes is given to improvements within street improvement districts and (b) the city maintains, in a separate fund, not less than twenty-five thousand dollars to be expended solely for the purpose of improving intersections.

(2) Such sidewalk construction, replacement, or repair may be included either in the contract for curbings at an intersection or in the contract for paving such intersections and spaces.