14-224. City council, officers, employees; receipt or solicitation of gifts; violations; penalty.

The mayor and council members and all other officers, agents, and employees of the city are prohibited from soliciting or receiving, directly or indirectly, any contribution of money or supplies of whatsoever kind, or any valuable or special privilege at the hands of any city contractor, or his or her agents, or from any franchised municipal corporation for any purpose whatsoever, and such conduct shall constitute malfeasance in office. No officer, appointee, agent, or employee shall directly or indirectly solicit or receive any gift or contribution of money or supplies, or any valuable service, from any appointee, agent, or employee of such city, for the benefit of the person asking for such gift or contribution or for the benefit of another. Any violation of this provision shall constitute a Class III misdemeanor.

Source:Laws 1921, c. 116, art. II, § 22, p. 431; C.S.1922, § 3548; C.S.1929, § 14-223; R.S.1943, § 14-224; Laws 1979, LB 80, § 13.