14-2114. Utility service; rates; suspension and resumption of service; powers of board of directors.

The board of directors of the metropolitan utilities district shall have power and authority to determine and fix all water and natural gas rates and to determine what shall be a reasonable rate for any particular service, the conditions and methods of service, and the collection of all charges for service or the sale of water or natural gas. The board of directors shall also have authority to make such rules and regulations for the conduct of the utilities controlled and operated by the metropolitan utilities district and the use and measurement of water or natural gas supplied by the district as it may deem proper, including the authority to cut off any natural gas or water service for nonpayment, for nonmaintenance of the pipes and plumbing connected with the supply main, or for noncompliance on the part of any natural gas or water user with the rules and regulations adopted by the board for the conduct of its business and affairs. The board may authorize its employees to require payments, in addition to the regular rates charged for water or natural gas, before turning on any service that has been turned off because of such nonpayment or noncompliance with the provisions of this section and the rules and regulations adopted by the board.

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