14-2109. Utilities district; personnel; duties; salary.

The board of directors of a metropolitan utilities district shall at its first regular meeting appoint an individual with an official title designated by the board who shall (1) act as secretary of such board, (2) have general supervision of the management, construction, operation, and maintenance of the utility plants and property under the jurisdiction of or owned by such metropolitan utilities district, subject to the direction of the board, (3) hold office at the pleasure of the board, (4) possess business training, executive experience, and knowledge of the development and operation of public utilities, (5) receive such compensation as the board may determine, and (6) devote his or her exclusive time to the duties of the office. The board of directors may employ or authorize the employment of such other employees and assistants as may be deemed necessary for the operation and maintenance of the utility plants under its jurisdiction and of the conduct of the affairs of the board and provide for their compensation. The compensation of the appointed individual and such employees shall be paid from funds under control of the board. In no event shall the compensation, as a salary or otherwise, of any employee or officer exceed ten thousand dollars per annum unless approved by a vote of two-thirds or more of the members of the board of directors. The record of such vote of approval, together with the names of the directors so voting, shall be made a part of the permanent records of the board.

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