14-1811. Metropolitan transit authority; equipment; purchase; securities.

(1) The authority shall have power to purchase equipment, including motor buses, and may execute agreements, leases, conditional sales contracts, conditional lease contracts, and equipment trust notes or certificates in the form customarily used in such cases appropriate to effect such purchase, and may dispose of such equipment trust notes or certificates. All money required to be paid by the authority under the provisions of such agreements, leases, and equipment notes or trust certificates shall be payable solely from the revenue or income to be derived from the transportation systems, and from such tax receipts as may be herein authorized and from grants and loans received, as provided in the Transit Authority Law. Payment for such equipment, or rentals therefor, may be made in installments, and the deferred installments may be evidenced by equipment trust notes or certificates payable solely from such sources of income, and title to such equipment need not vest in the authority until the equipment trust notes or certificates are paid, but when payment is accomplished the equipment title shall vest in the authority.

(2) The agreement to purchase may direct the vendor to sell and assign the equipment to a bank or trust company, duly authorized to transact business in the State of Nebraska, as trustee, for the benefit and security of the equipment trust notes or certificates, and may direct the trustee to deliver the equipment to one or more designated officers of the authority, and may authorize the trustee simultaneously therewith to execute and deliver a lease of the equipment to the authority.

(3) The agreements, leases, contracts, or equipment trust certificates shall be duly acknowledged before some person authorized by law to take acknowledgments of deeds, and in the form required for acknowledgment of deeds, and such agreements, leases, and equipment trust notes or certificates shall be authorized by resolution of the board, and shall contain such covenants, conditions, and provisions as may be deemed necessary or appropriate to insure the payment of the equipment trust notes or certificates from the revenue and income of the authority.

(4) The covenants, conditions, and provisions of the agreements, leases, contracts, and equipment trust notes or certificates shall not conflict with any of the provisions of any trust agreement securing the payment of revenue bonds or certificates of the authority.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 23, § 11, p. 168; Laws 1972, LB 1275, § 11; Laws 1998, LB 1191, § 12.