14-1712. Parking authority; bonds; form; issuance.

(1) The authority may from time to time borrow such money, as authorized in this section or subdivision (1)(h) of section 14-1707, as it may require in the exercise of its powers and duties, and to evidence such borrowings and to fund or refund any bonds or interest on such bonds or other indebtedness it may have outstanding, issue its negotiable bonds as provided in this section.

(2) The principal and interest of the bonds shall be payable only out of the revenue, income, and money of the authority, and shall not constitute a debt or liability of the state or any political subdivision thereof, other than of the authority, and neither the credit nor the taxing power of the state or any political subdivision thereof, other than the authority, shall be pledged for the payment of such bonds, and all bonds shall bear on their face a statement to such effect. The bonds shall mature at such time or times, not exceeding twenty-five years from their date, as may be determined by the authority. Such bonds may be redeemable before maturity at the option of the authority at such price or prices, and under such terms and conditions as may be fixed by the authority prior to the issuance of the bonds. The authority shall determine the form of the bonds and fix the denominations and place of payment, which may be at any bank or trust company within or outside the state. The bonds shall be signed by the chairperson of the authority, or bear the chairperson's facsimile signature. The seal of the authority shall be impressed on such bonds, and attested by the secretary and treasurer of the authority. Any coupons attached to such bonds shall bear the facsimile signature of the chairperson of the authority. In case any officer, whose facsimile signature or signature shall appear on any bond or coupon, shall cease to be such officer before the delivery of such bonds, such signature or such facsimile shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes, the same as if such person had remained in office until such delivery;

(3) The bonds issued under the Parking Authority Law in negotiable form shall have and are hereby declared to have all the qualities and incidents of negotiable instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code of the state. The bonds may be issued in coupon or in registered form, or both. The authority may sell such bonds in such a manner and for such price as it determines in the best interests of the authority; and

(4) Prior to the preparation of definitive bonds, the authority may, under like restrictions, issue interim receipts or temporary bonds, with or without coupons, exchangeable for definitive bonds when such bonds shall have been executed and are available for delivery. The authority may also provide for the replacement of any bonds which become mutilated, destroyed, or lost.

Source:Laws 1955, c. 22, § 12, p. 107; Laws 1971, LB 4, § 4; Laws 2022, LB800, § 296.
Operative Date: July 21, 2022