14-126. Board of public welfare; powers and duties; limitations; power of board of education to grant use of property.

In each city of the metropolitan class there may be a board of public welfare, which shall be selected as provided by ordinance. The board of public welfare shall have such power as may be provided, which shall include, subject to such limitations as may be provided by the city council, the authority (1) to provide a unified and comprehensive recreation system and the supervision of such recreation; Provided, that, whenever the council shall authorize such public welfare board to take charge of any part of the recreation system of any such city, it may authorize said board to take charge of and utilize the buildings and grounds under the control of the board of education with the consent of said board of education, and said board of education is hereby given power and authority under such regulations as it may provide, to grant to the public welfare board the right to thus utilize the property under its control; (2) to supervise and regulate commercial amusements; (3) to parole or pardon persons convicted under the ordinances of the city; (4) to establish an employment bureau; (5) to provide for a legal aid bureau to which the poor may go to get protection in their legal rights; (6) to establish a charity bureau to render assistance to the poor of the city as its funds will permit, and to cooperate with other charitable organizations of such city; (7) to establish a municipal farm and workhouse; (8) to establish a welfare loan agency, but no funds of the city shall ever be loaned; (9) to investigate into the housing of inhabitants of the city, especially with reference to tenements, and to provide regulations for the housing of the inhabitants of such city; (10) to provide for the study of and research into causes of poverty, delinquency, crime and disease, and other social problems in the community, and to provide for the necessary publicity; and (11) to provide for regulations to promote the health and general welfare of the city.

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