14-1239. Bridge commission; property; condemnation; procedure.

Whenever it shall be necessary to condemn property in the State of Nebraska for the purpose of constructing, extending, or enlarging any portion of the bridges or the approaches thereto, or securing avenues of access or rights-of-way leading to the approaches, the commission may condemn any interests, franchises, easements, rights or privileges, land or improvements which may, in its opinion, be necessary for the purpose of constructing the bridges or approaches thereto, or necessary for rights-of-way or avenues of access leading to the approaches. Condemnation shall be certified to the governing body of the city for its action. The procedure to condemn property shall be exercised in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724. The commission is further empowered to exercise in any adjoining state such powers of eminent domain as may be conferred upon the commission by any act of Congress of the United States or as may be authorized by the law of that state. No payments of award in any condemnation proceeds or for the costs of such proceedings or the expense thereof, shall be made except from funds provided under the authority of sections 14-1201 to 14-1252. Title to property condemned shall be taken in the name of and vest in the city.

Source:Laws 1929, c. 176, § 17, p. 626; C.S.1929, § 14-1217; R.S.1943, § 14-1239; Laws 1951, c. 101, § 41, p. 464.