14-1211. Bridges; condemnation; award; submission to electors.

Within ninety days after a final condemnation award has been made the governing body of the city shall, if it elects to proceed further, introduce an ordinance providing for the submission to the electors of the city the question whether such award shall be confirmed and the property be taken and bonds of the kind or kinds determined by the governing body of the city, and stated upon the ballot, shall be issued in the amount of the award. Such proposition shall be submitted within ninety days after the ordinance becomes effective at a special election called for that purpose or at any general city or state election, and shall be carried if a majority of the electors voting thereon shall vote in favor thereof. No election and no vote of electors shall be required upon the question of acquiring by condemnation any bridge or issuing revenue bonds as authorized by section 14-1217 for the acquisition by condemnation of any existing bridge, if the governing body of such city shall determine by a vote of a majority of its members to dispense with such election or vote of electors as to such question.

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