14-1206. Bridges; purchase or lease; how conducted.

If any such city shall desire to purchase, lease or sublease any existing bridge and shall have received any such authority as may be necessary from the government of the United States, the governing body of such city may determine the fair value thereof, the appraised value of which shall not exceed two million dollars, including all interests of any nature therein, and may by written resolution tentatively offer the owners thereof jointly the price so determined, and if all such owners within ninety days thereafter shall file with the city clerk of such city a duly authorized and properly executed written tentative acceptance of such offer, binding themselves to accept the same and to assign such lease or sublease or convey good and complete title by warranty deed when and if the necessary funds shall be provided therefor, then upon the filing of such acceptance, the governing body of the city may submit to the electors thereof, at a special election called for that purpose or at any general election of such city or of the State of Nebraska within one hundred and twenty days after the filing of such acceptance, the question whether such purchase shall be made at the price stated on the ballot and the governing body of the city be authorized to issue bonds of the kind or kinds stated in the proposition and in any such amount as may be required to provide the necessary funds. The proposition so submitted shall be carried if the majority of the electors voting on such proposition shall vote in favor thereof; Provided, no election and no vote of electors shall be required upon the question of acquiring by purchase, lease or sublease any existing bridge or issuing revenue bonds, in an amount not to exceed two million dollars as authorized by section 14-1217, for the acquisition by purchase, lease or sublease of any existing bridge, if the governing body of such city shall determine by a vote of a majority of its members to dispense with such election or vote of electors as to such question. If the proposition shall be carried at the election, or if the governing body shall so determine to dispense with such election, the tentative acceptance of the owners of such bridge shall then become final and binding upon them and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. Such purchase may also be made subject to existing mortgages and the assumption of outstanding bonds. If repairs, reconditioning or reconstruction shall be necessary to place any bridge so purchased or to be purchased in safe, efficient or convenient condition, the governing body of the city shall be empowered to issue additional revenue bonds to provide funds for that purpose in an amount not to exceed fifteen percent of the purchase price of such bridge. Any proposition submitted to the electors shall be published on three consecutive days in the official newspaper of the city to be completed not less than ten days before the date of the election. If and when the governing body of any such city shall determine to dispense with such election or vote of the electors, or if a proposition shall have been submitted to a vote of the electors thereof and carried at such election, such governing body is hereby authorized and empowered to exercise all power and authority reasonably necessary and incidental to the exercise of the powers herein granted.

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