14-117. Corporate limits; how fixed; annexation of cities or villages; limitation; powers and duties of city council.

The corporate limits of any city of the metropolitan class shall be fixed and determined by ordinance by the city council. The city council of any city of the metropolitan class may at any time extend the corporate limits of such city over any contiguous or adjacent lands, lots, tracts, streets, or highways, such distance as may be deemed proper in any direction, and may include, annex, merge, or consolidate with such city of the metropolitan class, by such extension of its limits, any adjoining city of the first class having a population of less than ten thousand inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census or any adjoining city of the second class or village. Any other laws and limitations defining the boundaries of cities or villages or the increase of area or extension of limits thereof shall not apply to lots, lands, cities, or villages annexed, consolidated, or merged under this section.

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