14-107. City council; powers; public utility plants, subways, landing fields; construction and maintenance; rates and charges.

The city council may erect, construct, purchase, maintain and operate subways or conduits, waterworks, gas works, electric light and power plants, and provide and equip aerial landing fields, and may determine, fix and charge rentals for subways and conduits and fix rates to be charged by such enterprises, except as otherwise provided by general law. As to all the activities authorized in this section, the council may adopt all needful and proper rules and regulations and enforce the same, in connection with the operation of any such enterprises.

Source:Laws 1921, c. 116, art. I, § 7, p. 408; C.S.1922, § 3494; C.S.1929, § 14-107; R.S.1943, § 14-107.