14-101.01. Declaration as city of the metropolitan class; when.

Whenever any city of the primary class shall attain a population of four hundred thousand inhabitants or more as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census, the mayor of such city shall certify such fact to the Secretary of State, who upon the filing of such certificate shall by proclamation declare such city to be a city of the metropolitan class.

Source:Laws 2017, LB113, § 5; Laws 2022, LB800, § 8; Laws 2022, LB820, § 2.
Note: The Revisor of Statutes has pursuant to section 49-769 correlated LB800, section 8, with LB820, section 2, to reflect all amendments.
Note: Changes made by LB800 became operative July 21, 2022. Changes made by LB820 became effective July 21, 2022.