13-912. Defective bridge or highway; damages; liability; limitation.

If any person suffers personal injury or loss of life, or damage to his or her property by means of insufficiency or want of repair of a highway or bridge or other public thoroughfare, which a political subdivision is liable to keep in repair, the person sustaining the loss or damage, or his or her personal representative, may recover in an action against the political subdivision, and if damages accrue in consequence of the insufficiency or want of repair of a road or bridge or other public thoroughfare, erected and maintained by two or more political subdivisions, the action can be brought against all of the political subdivisions liable for the repairs of the same; and damages and costs shall be paid by the political subdivisions in proportion as they are liable for the repairs. The procedure for filing such claims and bringing suit shall be the same for claims under this section as for other claims under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and sections 16-727, 16-728, 23-175, 39-809, and 79-610. No political subdivision shall be liable for damages occasioned by defects in state highways and bridges thereon which the Department of Transportation is required to maintain, but the political subdivision shall not be relieved of liability until the state has actually undertaken construction or maintenance of such highways. It is the intent of the Legislature that minimum maintenance highways and roads shall not be deemed to be insufficient or in want of repair when they meet the minimum standards for such highways and roads pursuant to section 39-2109.

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