13-824.02. Advertisement for sealed bids; requirements.

Prior to advertisement for sealed bids, plans and specifications for the proposed work or materials shall be prepared and filed at the principal office or place of business of the joint entity. Such advertisement shall be made in three issues, not less than seven days between issues, in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the municipality or county where the principal office or place of business of the joint entity is located, or if no newspaper is so published then in a newspaper qualified to carry legal notices having general circulation therein, and in such additional newspapers or trade or technical periodicals as may be selected by the governing body of the joint entity in order to give proper notice of the receiving of bids. Such advertisement shall designate the nature of the work proposed to be done or materials proposed to be purchased, that the plans and specifications therefor may be inspected at the office of the joint entity, giving the location thereof, the time within which bids shall be filed, and the date, hour, and place the same shall be opened.

Source:Laws 2007, LB636, ยง 3.