13-610. Purchasing card program; authorized; requirements; governing body; duties.

(1) A political subdivision, through its governing body, may create its own purchasing card program. The governing body shall determine the type of purchasing card or cards utilized in the purchasing card program and shall approve or disapprove those persons who will be assigned a purchasing card. Under the direction of its governing body, any political subdivision may contract with one or more financial institutions, card-issuing banks, credit card companies, charge card companies, debit card companies, or third-party merchant banks capable of operating the purchasing card program on behalf of the political subdivision. Expenses associated with the political subdivision's purchasing card program shall be considered, for purposes of this section, as an administrative or operational expense.

(2) Any political subdivision may utilize its purchasing card program for the purchase of goods and services for and on behalf of the political subdivision.

(3) Vendors accepting a political subdivision's purchasing card shall obtain authorization for all transactions. Authorization shall be from the financial institution, card-issuing bank, credit card company, charge card company, debit card company, or third-party merchant bank contracted to provide such service to the political subdivision. Each transaction shall be authorized in accordance with the instructions provided by the political subdivision.

(4) An itemized receipt for purposes of tracking expenditures shall accompany all purchasing card purchases. In the event that a receipt does not accompany such a purchase, purchasing card privileges shall be temporarily or permanently suspended in accordance with rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the political subdivision.

(5) Upon the termination or suspension of employment of an individual using a purchasing card, such individual's purchasing card account shall be immediately closed and he or she shall return the purchasing card to the political subdivision.

(6) No officer or employee of a political subdivision shall use a political subdivision purchasing card for any unauthorized use as determined by the governing body.

Source:Laws 1999, LB 113, ยง 2.