13-520. Limitations; not applicable to certain restricted funds.

The limitations in section 13-519 shall not apply to (1) restricted funds budgeted for capital improvements, (2) restricted funds expended from a qualified sinking fund for acquisition or replacement of tangible personal property with a useful life of five years or more, (3) restricted funds pledged to retire bonded indebtedness, used by a public airport to retire interest-free loans from the Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation in lieu of bonded indebtedness at a lower cost to the public airport, or used to pay other financial instruments that are approved and agreed to before July 1, 1999, in the same manner as bonds by a governing body created under section 35-501, (4) restricted funds budgeted in support of a service which is the subject of an agreement or a modification of an existing agreement whether operated by one of the parties to the agreement or by an independent joint entity or joint public agency, (5) restricted funds budgeted to pay for repairs to infrastructure damaged by a natural disaster which is declared a disaster emergency pursuant to the Emergency Management Act, (6) restricted funds budgeted to pay for judgments, except judgments or orders from the Commission of Industrial Relations, obtained against a governmental unit which require or obligate a governmental unit to pay such judgment, to the extent such judgment is not paid by liability insurance coverage of a governmental unit, or (7) the dollar amount by which restricted funds budgeted by a natural resources district to administer and implement ground water management activities and integrated management activities under the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act exceed its restricted funds budgeted to administer and implement ground water management activities and integrated management activities for FY2003-04.

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Operative Date: July 1, 2017

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