13-502. Purpose of act; applicability.

(1) The purpose of the Nebraska Budget Act is to require governing bodies of this state to which the act applies to follow prescribed budget practices and procedures and make available to the public pertinent information pertaining to the financial requirements and expectations of such governing bodies so that intelligent and informed support, opposition, criticism, suggestions, or observations can be made by those affected.

(2) The act shall not apply to governing bodies which have a budget of less than five thousand dollars per year.

(3) The act shall not apply to proprietary functions of municipalities for which a separate budget has been approved by the city council or village board as provided in the Municipal Proprietary Function Act.

(4) The Nebraska Budget Act shall not apply to any governing body for any fiscal year in which the governing body will not have a property tax request or receive state aid as defined in section 13-518.

(5) The act shall not apply to any public power district or public power and irrigation district organized pursuant to Chapter 70, article 6, to any rural power district organized pursuant to Chapter 70, article 8, or to any agency created pursuant to sections 18-2426 to 18-2434.

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