13-3210. Use of Interlocal Cooperation Act; public hearing; contract authorized.

(1) Two or more municipalities may enter into an agreement pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act to jointly create, administer, or create and administer clean energy assessment districts. Notwithstanding subsection (1) of section 13-3204, the following provisions shall apply to jointly created districts:

(a) Such districts may be separate, overlapping, or coterminous and may be created anywhere within the municipalities that entered into the agreement or within their extraterritorial zoning jurisdictions, except that such districts shall not include any area within the corporate boundaries or extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction of any city or village unless such city or village is one of the municipalities that entered into the agreement; and

(b) The agreement shall provide for a governing body for any such district, which shall be made up of members of the governing bodies of the municipalities that entered into the agreement.

(2) If the creation of clean energy assessment districts is implemented jointly by two or more municipalities, a single public hearing held jointly by the cooperating municipalities is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of subsection (2) of section 13-3204.

(3) A municipality or municipalities may contract with a third party for the administration of clean energy assessment districts.

Source:Laws 2016, LB1012, § 10; R.S.Supp.,2016, § 18-3210; Laws 2017, LB625, § 10; Laws 2019, LB124, § 1.

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