13-315. Appropriation or expenditure; purposes; method; limitation.

The city commissioners or council of any city, the board of trustees of any village, and the county board of any county in the state shall have the power to appropriate or expend annually from the general funds or from revenue received from any proprietary functions of their respective political subdivision an amount not to exceed four-tenths of one percent of the taxable valuation of the city, village, or county for the purpose of encouraging immigration, new industries, and investment and to conduct and carry on a publicity campaign, including a publicity campaign conducted for the purpose of acquiring from any source a municipal electrical distribution system or exploiting and advertising the various agricultural, horticultural, manufacturing, commercial, and other resources, including utility services, of the city, village, or county. Such sum may be expended directly by the city, village, or county or may be paid to the chamber of commerce or other commercial organization or a similar county organization or multicounty organization or local development corporation to be expended for the purposes enumerated in this section under the direction of the board of directors of the organization. The total amount levied including the appropriation or expenditure made under this section shall not exceed the amount limited by law.

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