13-2905. Political subdivision; policies; requirements.

The political subdivision shall adopt policies for entering into a design-build contract or construction management at risk contract. The policies shall require that such contracts include the following:

(1) Procedures for selecting and hiring on its behalf a performance-criteria developer when soliciting and executing a design-build contract. The procedures shall be consistent with the Nebraska Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act and shall provide that the performance-criteria developer (a) is ineligible to be included as a provider of any services in a proposal for the project on which it has acted as performance-criteria developer and (b) is not employed by or does not have a financial or other interest in a design-builder or construction manager who will submit a proposal;

(2) Procedures for the preparation and content of requests for proposals;

(3) Procedures and standards to be used to prequalify design-builders and construction managers. The procedures and standards shall provide that the political subdivision will evaluate prospective design-builders and construction managers based on the information submitted to the political subdivision in response to a request for letters of interest and will select design-builders or construction managers who are prequalified and consequently eligible to respond to the request for proposals;

(4) Procedures for preparing and submitting proposals;

(5) Procedures for evaluating proposals in accordance with sections 13-2908, 13-2910, and 13-2911;

(6) Procedures for negotiations between the political subdivision and the design-builders or construction managers submitting proposals prior to the acceptance of a proposal if any such negotiations are contemplated;

(7) Procedures for filing and acting on formal protests relating to the solicitation or execution of design-build contracts or construction management at risk contracts; and

(8) Procedures for the evaluation of construction under a design-build contract by the performance-criteria developer to determine adherence to the performance criteria.

Source:Laws 2002, LB 391, § 5; R.S.1943, (2003), § 79-2005; Laws 2008, LB889, § 5.

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