13-2816. Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967; applicability.

(1) All relevant provisions of the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, as amended, not inconsistent with sections 13-2813 to 13-2815, shall govern transactions, proceedings, and activities pursuant to any sales and use tax imposed by a municipal county.

(2) For purposes of the sales and use tax imposed by a municipal county, all retail sales, rentals, and leases, as defined and described in the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, are consummated:

(a) At the place where title, possession, or segregation takes place, with the exception of sales or leases or rentals for more than one year of motor vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, and motorboats, if a purchaser takes possession of tangible personal property within a municipal county, which has enacted a tax under section 13-2813, regardless of the business location of the Nebraska retailer;

(b) At the point of delivery of utility services and community antenna television services or where such services are provided, with the exception that Nebraska intrastate message toll telephone and telegraph services which are consummated in the county where the customer is normally billed for such services;

(c) At the physical location of individual vending machines; and

(d) At the place designated on the application for registration for motor vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, and motorboats sold or leased or rented for more than one year, except that the sale of any motor vehicle or trailer operated by a public power district and registered under section 60-3,228 is consummated at the place where the motor vehicle or trailer has situs as defined in section 60-349.

Source:Laws 2001, LB 142, § 16; Laws 2018, LB1030, § 1.

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