13-2813. Sales and use tax authorized.

(1) A municipal county by ordinance of its council may impose a sales and use tax of one-half percent, one percent, or one and one-half percent upon the same transactions within the entire municipal county on which the state is authorized to impose a tax pursuant to the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, as amended from time to time.

(2) A municipal county shall not impose a new sales and use tax, increase the tax, or extend the territory of an existing sales and use tax until an election is held and a majority of the registered voters as provided in section 13-2810 have approved the tax, increase, or extension. The ballot issue proposing approval of a new sales and use tax or the increase or territorial extension of an existing sales and use tax may be combined with the issue proposing creation of a municipal county.

Source:Laws 2001, LB 142, ยง 13.

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