13-207. Business firm or individual; receive tax credit; maximum amount; when.

(1) Any business firm or individual which plans to or which has contributed to a certified program of a community betterment organization may apply to the department for authorization for a tax credit for the contribution to the certified program in an amount up to but not exceeding the maximum tax credit allowed by the department. The maximum tax credit allowed by the department for each approved business firm or individual shall be in an amount which does not exceed forty percent of the total amount contributed by the business firm or individual during its taxable year to any programs certified pursuant to section 13-205. The director shall send a copy of the approved application which includes the amount of the tax credit to be allowed and a certification by the department that the contribution has been paid as proposed by the business firm or individual to the Tax Commissioner who shall grant a tax credit against any tax due under sections 77-2715, 77-2734.02, and 77-3801 to 77-3807 and to the Director of Insurance who shall grant a tax credit against any premium and related retaliatory taxes due under sections 44-150 and 77-908.

(2) No tax credit shall be granted to any business firm or individual in this state pursuant to the Community Development Assistance Act for activities that are a part of its normal course of business. Any tax credit balance may be carried over and applied against the business firm's or individual's tax liability for the next five years immediately succeeding the tax year in which the credit was first allowed.

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