13-2039. Land disposal of certain solid wastes; prohibited; when; exceptions.

(1)(a) A landfill may accept yard waste without condition from December 1 through March 31 of each year.

(b) A landfill may accept yard waste year-round if such yard waste:

(i) Will be used for the production and recovery of methane gas for use as fuel (A) with the approval of the department and (B) at a landfill operating as a solid waste management facility with a permit issued pursuant to the department's rules and regulations; or

(ii) Has been separated at its source from other solid waste and will be used for the purpose of soil conditioning or composting.

(c) State and local governmental entities responsible for the maintenance of public lands shall give preference to the use of composted materials in all land maintenance activities. This section does not prohibit the use of yard waste as land cover or as soil-conditioning material.

(2) Land disposal of lead-acid batteries and waste oil is prohibited.

(3)(a) Land disposal of waste tires in any form is prohibited except tires that are nonrecyclable. For purposes of this subsection, nonrecyclable tire means a press-on solid tire, a solid pneumatic shaped tire, or a foam pneumatic tire.

(b) On and after September 1, 2003, placing or causing the placement or disposal of scrap tires in any form into the waters of the state is prohibited except as provided in section 13-2033.

(c) Tires are not considered disposed if they are (i) processed into crumb rubber form and reused or recycled in manufactured products such as, but not limited to, products used for schools, playgrounds, and residential, lawn, and garden applications, (ii) used as safety barriers for race courses for motorized vehicles, on the condition that the tires are bolted together and properly wrapped, and not in loose, compressed, or baled form, (iii) used as tire-derived fuel, (iv) retreaded, (v) processed into chip or shred form and used as drainage media in landfill construction or septic drain fields, (vi) used as a raw material in steelmaking, or (vii) processed into shred form and used as an alternative daily cover in a landfill or for a civil engineering project if such project is designed and constructed in compliance with the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act and prior approval for such project is obtained from the department by the tire shredder and the end user, except that departmental approval is not necessary for a tire project involving three thousand five hundred or fewer passenger tire equivalents of waste tires if the department receives notification of the project not later than thirty days prior to any construction on such project. The notification shall contain the name and address of the tire shredder and end user, the location of the project, a description of the type of project, the number of passenger tire equivalents of waste tires to be used, and any additional information the council determines is necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act.

A race sponsor using tires as safety barriers pursuant to subdivision (3)(c)(ii) of this section prior to October 1, 2006, shall file an approved tire disposal plan with the department on or before January 1, 2007. A race sponsor using tires as safety barriers on or after October 1, 2006, shall file an approved tire disposal plan with the department prior to the sponsor's first such use of tires. An approved tire disposal plan shall provide for the disposal of tires which cease to be used as safety barriers in accordance with subsection (3) of section 13-2033, and any such race sponsor who ceases to use tires as safety barriers or whose facility ceases operation shall dispose of such tires in accordance with his or her approved tire disposal plan. Any modification to an approved tire disposal plan shall be submitted to and approved by the department prior to implementation of such modified plan. An approved tire disposal plan shall continue in effect as long as such sponsor uses tires as safety barriers.

(4) Land disposal of discarded household appliances is prohibited.

(5) Land disposal of unregulated hazardous wastes, except household hazardous wastes, which are exempt from the regulations under the Environmental Protection Act is prohibited unless such disposal occurs at a licensed hazardous waste disposal facility.

(6) For purposes of this section, land disposal shall include, but not be limited to, incineration at a landfill.

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