13-2027. Municipalities, counties, and agencies; regulation of competition and antitrust; exemption.

In exercising the powers granted in the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act, municipalities, counties, and agencies shall be exempt from all rules and regulations of state regulatory competition. It is intended that municipalities, counties, or agencies carrying out the activities described in the act receive full exemption and immunity from state and federal antitrust laws in light of the public purpose and regulatory provisions provided by the act. The exemption granted pursuant to this section shall not be construed to diminish any other exemption for similar activities authorized through grants of authority to other public bodies even though such exemption may not be stated in terms of antitrust.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 911, § 3; R.S.1943, (1987), § 81-1573; Laws 1992, LB 1257, § 27.