13-2017. Policy of the state.

It is the policy of this state:

(1) To encourage the development of integrated solid waste management programs, including waste volume reduction and recycling programs and education, at the local governmental level through incentives, technical assistance, grants, and other practical measures;

(2) To support and encourage the development of new uses and markets for recycled goods, placing emphasis on the development in Nebraska of businesses relating to waste reduction and recycling;

(3) To provide education concerning the components of integrated solid waste management, at the elementary level through the high school level and through community organizations, to enhance the success of local programs requiring public involvement;

(4) To support and encourage manufacturing methods which are environmentally sustainable, technologically safe, and ecologically sound and which enhance waste reduction by creating products which have longer usage life and which are adaptable to secondary uses through processes such as pyrolysis or biomass, require less input material, and decrease resource consumption; and

(5) To encourage uniform regulation of containers in order to avoid the burden on retailers of having to comply with varying regulatory policies in multiple jurisdictions.

Source:Laws 1992, LB 1257, § 17; Laws 2020, LB632, § 5.