13-1712. Disapproval; hearing before district court.

If the city council, village board of trustees, or county board of commissioners or supervisors does not approve a request for siting approval pursuant to sections 13-1701 to 13-1714 and 76-2,119, the applicant, within sixty days after notice of the decision, may petition for a hearing before the district court of the county in which the proposed site is located to contest the decision. The city council, village board, or county board shall appear as respondent in the hearing. At the hearing, the burden of proof shall be on the petitioner. In making its orders and determinations under this section, the district court shall consider the written decision and reasons for the decision of the city council, village board, or county board and the transcribed record of the hearing held pursuant to section 13-1706. The district court shall transmit a copy of its decision to the office of the city council, village board, or county board where it shall be available for public inspection and may be copied upon payment of a fee in an amount equal to the actual cost of reproduction. Final action by the district court shall be taken within one hundred twenty days.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 813, ยง 12.