13-1409. Structures, erections, and artificial constructions; building, repair, and operation; rules and regulations.

The dock board shall have power to make general rules and regulations for the carrying out of the plans prepared and adopted by it for the building, rebuilding, repairing, alteration, maintaining, and operation of all structures, erections or artificial constructions upon or adjacent to the waterfront of the county or municipality, whether the same shall be done by the board or by others; and except as provided by the general rules of the board, no new structures or repairs upon or along said waterfront shall be undertaken, except upon application to the board and under permit by it and in accordance with the general plans of the board and in pursuance of specifications submitted to the board and approved by it upon such application. Said general rules and regulations shall be adopted by resolution and shall be recorded in the board's book of rules and regulations. Certified copies of said general rules and regulations, whenever adopted by the board, shall, forthwith upon their passage, be transmitted to the county clerk or the clerk of the municipality who shall cause the same to be transcribed at length in a book kept for that purpose. Upon filing any such certified copy of any such rules and regulations, the said clerk shall forthwith cause the same to be once published in some legal newspaper of general circulation published in the county or municipality, as the case may be, or if none is there published, then in the next nearest legal newspaper published in this state; and the said rules and regulations shall be in force and effect from and after the date of said publication.

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