13-1407. Streets; alleys; public grounds; jurisdiction.

The dock board is hereby vested with jurisdiction and authority over that part of any street and alley and public grounds of the county or municipality which may abut upon or intersect its navigable waters, lying between the harbor line and the first intersecting street measuring backward from high watermark, to the extent only that may be necessary or requisite in carrying out the powers vested in it by sections 13-1401 to 13-1417. It is hereby declared that such jurisdiction and authority shall include the right to build retaining or quay walls, docks, levees, wharves, piers, warehouses or other constructions, including belt railways and railway switches, across and upon such streets and alleys and public grounds and all other property owned or acquired by it or by the county or municipality for such purposes, and to grade, fill, and pave the same to conform to the general level of the wharf, or for suitable approaches thereto; Provided, that such improvements shall be paid out of funds in the hands of the board and not by assessment against abutting property.

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