13-1304. Commission; powers and duties.

Any commission established under sections 13-1301 to 13-1312 shall have power to:

(1) Sue and be sued;

(2) Have a seal and alter the seal;

(3) Acquire, hold, and dispose of personal property for its corporate purposes;

(4) Acquire in the name of the city and county, by gift, grant, bequest, purchase, or condemnation, real property or rights and easements thereon necessary or convenient for its corporate purposes and use such property or rights and easements so long as its corporate existence continues;

(5) Make bylaws for the management and regulation of its affairs and make rules and regulations for the use of its projects;

(6) With the consent of the city or the county, as the case may be, use the services of agents, employees, and facilities of the city or county, for which the commission may reimburse the city or the county its proper proportion of the compensation or cost thereof, and use the services of the city attorney as legal advisor to the commission;

(7) Appoint officers, agents, and employees and fix their compensation, except that the county treasurer shall be the ex officio treasurer of the commission;

(8) Design, acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve, remodel, remove, and reconstruct, so long as its corporate existence continues, such projects for the use both by the city and county as are approved by the city and the county and all facilities necessary or convenient in connection with any such projects;

(9) Enter into agreements with the city or county, or both, as to the operation, maintenance, repair, and use of its projects. Such agreements may provide that the city or county, or both, has responsibility for a certain area within any building, structure, or facility, including the maintenance, repair, use, furnishing, or management of such area;

(10) With the approval of both the city and the county, enter into agreements with the United States of America, the State of Nebraska, any body, board, agency, corporation, or other governmental entity of either of them, or other governmental units for use by them of any projects to the extent that such use is not required by the city or the county;

(11) Make all other contracts, leases, and instruments necessary or convenient to the carrying out of the corporate purposes or powers of the commission;

(12) Annually levy, assess, and certify to the governing body of the county the amount of tax to be levied for the purposes of the commission subject to section 77-3443, not to exceed one and seven-tenths cents on each one hundred dollars upon the taxable valuation of all the taxable property in the county. The governing body of the county shall collect the tax so certified at the same time and in the same manner as other county taxes are levied and collected, and the proceeds of such taxes when due and as collected shall be set aside and deposited in the special account or accounts in which other revenue of the commission is deposited;

(13) Accept grants, loans, or contributions from the United States of America, the State of Nebraska, any agency or instrumentality of either of them, the city, the county, any other governmental unit, or any private person, firm, or corporation and expend the proceeds thereof for any corporate purposes;

(14) Incur debt, issue bonds and notes and provide for the rights of the holders thereof, and pledge and apply to the payment of such bonds and notes the taxes and other receipts, income, revenue, profits, and money of the commission;

(15) Enter on any lands, waters, and premises for the purpose of making surveys, findings, and examinations; and

(16) Do all things necessary or convenient to carry out the powers specially conferred on the commission by sections 13-1301 to 13-1312.

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