13-1302. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 13-1301 to 13-1312, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Bonds means bonds issued by the commission pursuant to such sections;

(2) City means a city of the metropolitan class as defined in section 14-101 or a city of the primary class as defined in section 15-101, the population of which according to the most recent federal census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census was more than one-half in number of the total population, according to such census or revised count, of the county in which such city is located;

(3) Commission means a public building commission created by and activated pursuant to sections 13-1301 to 13-1312;

(4) County means a county in which a city of the metropolitan class or primary class is located;

(5) Governing body means the city council in the case of the city and the county board in the case of the county;

(6) Other governmental units means a city, other than a city as defined in this section, village, district, authority, public agency, board, commission, or other public corporation, political subdivision, or public instrumentality located in whole or in part in the county; and

(7) Project means any building, structure, or facility for public purposes to be used jointly by the city and the county, including the site thereof, all machinery, equipment, and apparatus of or pertaining thereto, including fixtures and furnishings if agreed to by the city and the county, and all other real or personal property necessary or incidental thereto.

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