12-913. Board of trustees; officers; election; terms; compensation.

At the public meeting held under section 12-912, permanent organization shall be effected by the election of a board of trustees consisting of three or five residents of the district if the district includes territory in five townships or less. If the district shall embrace or include territory in more than five townships, each township may be represented on the board of trustees by one trustee who shall be a resident of the township. All trustees shall be elected for two years and hold office until their successors have been elected, except at the first election at least two trustees shall be elected for one-year terms. The board of trustees shall organize by electing a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer from the members of the board for a term of one year. All officers shall serve without pay.

Source:Laws 1961, c. 27, § 5, p. 140; Laws 1963, c. 40, § 1, p. 213; Laws 1997, LB 71, § 1.