12-525. Grounds; abandonment; sale; hearing; finding; decree.

If, upon the hearing of said petition before the court, the court shall be of the opinion that it is for the best interest of said association and the public that the said real estate, or any part thereof, should be prohibited from use as a cemetery and prohibited from future use for cemetery purposes, and that the same or any part thereof should be sold, it shall so find and decree. It may in that event also order and direct the manner in which and by whom the sale of the said real estate shall be conducted and upon what terms, and require the person making such sale to report and return the proceeds of said sale to the district court; and in the event of a decree for the sale of any such real estate, the court shall also determine and direct what disposition shall be made of the proceeds of such sale. The court shall have full authority in such proceedings to make all such orders and decrees as it may deem necessary or proper to fully wind up the affairs and business of such association, to dispose of its assets and property, and to dissolve said corporation; Provided, however, the court shall order that sufficient of the money received from the proceeds of such sale shall be preserved and held in trust for the maintenance, in suitable condition, of that part of the cemetery actually occupied by graves.

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