12-509. Perpetual care fund; power to establish; sources; investment; protection; disbursement of income; requirements.

Such association shall have the power to establish a fund to be known as the perpetual care fund, placing therein such money as it may from time to time determine, out of its general funds; and it shall have the authority to receive gifts or bequests of money and other personal property, and devises of real estate and interests therein, to be placed in the perpetual care fund. The principal of the perpetual care fund shall be forever held inviolate as a perpetual trust by said association, and shall be maintained separate and distinct from any other funds. The principal of the perpetual care fund shall be invested and from time to time reinvested and kept invested (1) in securities authorized by section 30-3209, for the investment of retirement and pension funds other than funds held by corporate trustees or (2) as provided in the trust agreement or articles of incorporation of the association, and the income earned therefrom shall be used solely for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of the cemetery, and shall be applied in such manner as the association may from time to time determine to be for the best interest of the cemetery.

Source:Laws 1941, c. 18, § 1, p. 104; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 13-505; R.S.1943, § 12-509; Laws 1980, LB 909, § 1.