12-502. Formation; record of proceedings; certification; effect; certified transcript as evidence; duty of county clerk; fees.

The clerk of the cemetery association shall make out a true record of the proceedings of the meeting provided for by section 12-501 and certify and deliver the same to the clerk of the county in which such meeting is held, together with the name by which such association shall be known. The county clerk, immediately upon the receipt of such certified statement, shall record the same in a book provided by the county clerk for that purpose at the expense of the county and shall be entitled to the same fees for the services as the county clerk is entitled to demand for other similar services. After the making of such record by the county clerk, the trustees and the associated members and successors shall be invested with the powers, privileges, and immunities incident to aggregate corporations. A certified transcript of the record made by the county clerk shall be deemed and taken in all courts and places whatsoever within this state as prima facie evidence of the existence of such cemetery association.

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