12-1211. Dispute; resolution; procedure.

Whenever a dispute arises with regard to the disposition of human skeletal remains or burial goods pursuant to the Unmarked Human Burial Sites and Skeletal Remains Protection Act, the procedure set forth in this section shall be the exclusive remedy available to the aggrieved party under the act. No cause of action shall lie until the procedure set forth in this section is completed.

The aggrieved party shall submit to the adverse party documentation describing the nature of the grievance. The aggrieved party and the adverse party shall meet within sixty days of the mailing of the initial grievance and shall either concur or disagree after reviewing the appropriate documentation.

If after such meeting the parties disagree, they shall, within fifteen days following such meeting, designate a third party, agreed on by both original parties, to assist in the resolution of the dispute. If an agreement as to the designation of the third party is not reached within the fifteen-day period, the Public Counsel shall automatically be designated to serve in that capacity.

Following the designation of a third party, the aggrieved party may submit a petition, together with supporting documentation, to the third party describing the nature of the grievance. The aggrieved party shall serve a copy of the petition and all supporting documents on the adverse party at the time of filing. The adverse party shall have thirty days to respond to the petition by filing a response and supporting documentation with the third party, copies of which shall be served on the aggrieved party by the adverse party at the time of filing the response.

The third party shall review the petition, the response, all supporting documentation submitted by the parties, and other relevant information. Following such review and within ninety days after the filing of the petition, the two original parties and the third party shall, by majority vote, render a decision with regard to the matter in dispute.

The decision may be appealed by either party, and such appeal shall be in accordance with section 25-1937.

When the disposition of any human skeletal remains or burial goods is disputed and subject to arbitration under this section, the party in possession of the remains or goods shall retain possession until the arbitration process and appeals provided for in this section are completed.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 340, ยง 11.