12-1203. Purposes of act.

The purposes of the Unmarked Human Burial Sites and Skeletal Remains Protection Act shall be to:

(1) Assure that all human burials are accorded equal treatment and respect for human dignity without reference to ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds, or religious affiliations by providing adequate protection for unmarked human burial sites and human skeletal remains located on all private and public lands within this state;

(2) Prohibit disturbance of unmarked human burial sites except as expressly permitted by the act;

(3) Establish procedures for the proper care and protection of unmarked human burial sites, human skeletal remains, and burial goods found in this state;

(4) Ensure that all unmarked human burial sites discovered in this state are to be left undisturbed to the maximum extent possible unless such sites are in reasonable danger of destruction, such sites need to be moved for a highway, road, or street construction project, or there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing and, when any unmarked human burial site must be disturbed for any of the reasons listed in this subdivision, ensure that the disposition of the contents of such site is carried out in accordance with the act; and

(5) Permit the scientific study and reinterment of human skeletal remains and burial goods.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 340, ยง 3.