12-1111. Contracts; requirements; provisions.

(1) At the time that a pre-need sale is entered into, the pre-need seller shall furnish each pre-need purchaser with a duplicate original of any written contract which the pre-need purchaser is required to sign.

(2) The pre-need seller shall file with the director a copy of each form of contract that is utilized by the pre-need seller in making pre-need sales.

(3) Except in the case of a default or cancellation by the pre-need purchaser, a contract shall contain no provisions limiting the liability of the pre-need seller to less than furnishing the merchandise or services expressed in the contract, except that the contract may provide that a like or better quality item of merchandise shall be substituted for the original in the event merchandise itemized is no longer available and through reasonable efforts cannot be obtained. In the case of default or cancellation of a pre-need sale, a contract shall contain no provisions allowing the pre-need seller to retain, as liquidated damages or otherwise, any amounts not permitted by section 12-1113. Any contractual provisions to the contrary shall be of no force or effect.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 643, ยง 11.