12-1105. Pre-need seller; records required.

Upon the making of a pre-need sale by a pre-need seller when some or all of the proceeds from that sale are required to be placed in trust or a letter of credit or surety bond has been approved in lieu thereof, the pre-need seller in addition to retaining a copy of any written agreement entered into shall prepare and maintain a separate record of each such pre-need sale and the record shall contain the following information:

(1) The name and address of the pre-need purchaser;

(2) The retail sales price of each item purchased in such pre-need sale, exclusive of any interest that may be charged the pre-need purchaser by the pre-need seller;

(3) The date and amount of each payment made by the pre-need purchaser to the pre-need seller, designating such payment as principal or interest and the disposition made by the pre-need seller of each such payment as to whether it was retained in whole or in part by the pre-need seller or deposited in trust and, if deposited in trust, the date of such deposit and the name of the trustee with whom the deposit was made; and

(4) The date of withdrawal and all amounts withdrawn by the pre-need seller pursuant to subsection (2) of section 12-1113 and a designation of the event which permitted such withdrawal.

The record shall be maintained for inspection purposes by the director for at least one year after the pre-need seller has received all proceeds to which the seller is entitled by reason of the pre-need sale.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 643, ยง 5.