11-108. Bonds; state officers; sureties; number; qualification; affidavits required.

Each official bond of a state officer shall be executed by the officer as principal and by at least three residents of the state as sureties who shall be worth in the aggregate the amount of the bond over and above all their present indebtedness; and affidavits of the sureties, showing the value of the property owned by each and subject to levy and sale under execution in this state, shall be made and presented to the officer approving such bond, and shall be filed therewith; or the bond of any state officer may be executed by the officer as principal and by a guaranty, surety, fidelity or bonding company as surety, or by two or more of such companies as sureties. Only such companies as are legally authorized to transact business in this state shall be eligible to suretyship on the bond of a state officer.

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