11-105. Bonds and oaths; filing; time.

(1) Official bonds, with the oath endorsed thereon, shall be filed in the proper office within the following time:

(a) Of all officers elected at any general election, following receipt of their election certificate and not later than ten days before the first Thursday after the first Tuesday in January next succeeding the election;

(b) Of all appointed officers, within thirty days after their appointment; and

(c) Of officers elected at any special election and city and village officers, within thirty days after the canvass of the votes of the election at which they were chosen.

(2) The filing of the bond with the oath endorsed thereon does not authorize a person to take any official action prior to the beginning of his or her term of office pursuant to Article XVII, section 5, of the Constitution of Nebraska.

(3) In counties which provide a bond for county officers pursuant to subdivision (22) of section 11-119, such county officers are not required to comply with the timing requirements of subsection (1) of this section with regard to their official bond but shall file their oaths of office in the proper offices prior to the beginning of their terms of office.

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