11-104. Bonds or insurance coverage; municipal officers; form.

(1) All official bonds of officers of cities, towns, and villages shall be executed pursuant to section 11-103, except that they shall be made payable to the city, town, or village in which the officers giving such bonds shall be elected or appointed, in such penalty as the city council or board of trustees of the village may fix.

(2) In any city or village, in place of the individual bonds required to be furnished by municipal officers, a schedule, position, blanket bond or undertaking, or evidence of equivalent insurance may be given by municipal officers, or a single corporate surety fidelity, schedule, position, or blanket bond or undertaking, or evidence of insurance coverage covering all the officers, including officers required by law to furnish an individual bond or undertaking, may be furnished. The municipality may pay the premium for the bond or insurance coverage. The bond or insurance coverage shall be, at a minimum, an aggregate of the amounts fixed by law or by the person, council, or board authorized by law to fix the amounts and with such terms and conditions as may be required.

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