10-716.01. Repealed. Laws 2018, LB377, § 87. Operative date January 1, 2019. Affiliated districts; issuance; purposes; levy prorated.

Following the affiliation of two or more school districts, bonds may be issued pursuant to sections 10-701 to 10-716 for purposes of capital additions to or improvements or replacement of high school facilities upon the approval of a majority of the legal voters of the high school district and affiliated Class I district or districts or portions thereof voting on the issue as a combined voting unit. The bond levy necessary to redeem the bonds issued pursuant to this section shall be prorated to reflect projected student utilization of planned facilities based on criteria established by the State Department of Education if the facility will be used by elementary as well as high school students. The pro rata share of the costs of the facility to be assigned to the high school program shall be included in the statement required pursuant to section 10-707.

Source:Laws 1990, LB 259, § 20; Laws 1991, LB 511, § 1; Laws 1992, LB 245, § 7; Laws 1993, LB 348, § 1; Laws 2001, LB 420, § 14.