10-136. Fully registered bonds; issuer; registrar; powers and duties.

For each issue of fully registered bonds, the issuer shall designate a registrar and one or more paying agents. The registrar shall have such duties with respect to maintaining records as to ownership of fully registered bonds and handling transfers of ownership as the governing body shall determine and the registrar shall accept. To carry out transfers of ownership of bonds, the registrar may be authorized to issue replacement bonds to replace previously issued bonds or to issue other evidence of ownership of bonds, and all replacement bonds or ownership documents shall be on the same terms as the bonds initially issued by the issuer for which the replacement bonds or other ownership documents are issued. No issuer shall be responsible for payment on any bonds of any issue in excess of (1) the principal amount of the bonds of such issue plus interest on the principal, (2) any applicable redemption premium, and (3) any fees and expenses of the registrar and paying agents which the issuer has agreed to pay. An issuer may designate in the bond ordinance a record payment date for payment of interest and the record payment date may be prior to the due date for interest on any bond. Any issuer may authorize and provide for ownership of fully registered bonds to be in book-entry form with ownership being evidenced only on the books of the registrar or in such other manner as the issuer shall provide in the bond ordinance.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 421, ยง 3.