1-157. Accountant or auditor; use of terms; when permitted.

No person shall sign or affix his or her name or any trade or assumed name used by him or her in his or her profession or business with any wording indicating that he or she is an accountant or auditor or with any wording indicating that he or she has expert knowledge in accounting or auditing to any accounting or financial statement or to any opinion on, report on, or certificate to any accounting or financial statement unless he or she holds a permit issued under subdivision (1)(a) of section 1-136 which is not revoked or suspended and all of his or her offices in this state for the practice of public accountancy are maintained and registered as required under section 1-135. This section shall not prohibit any officer, employee, partner, limited liability company member, or principal of any organization from affixing his or her signature to any statement or report in reference to the financial affairs of the organization with any wording designating the position, title, or office which he or she holds in the organization, nor shall this section prohibit any act of a public official or public employee in the performance of his or her duties as such.

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